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AFC Mounted Long Wall Face Drills, Double Reduction Motors, Drilling Rigs, Fibreglass Fabrications, Filament Winding, Gear Cutting, General Purpose Motors, Grout Pumps, H-Bar Drills, Handheld Drills, Handheld Roofbolters, High & Low Seam Drills, Hydraulic Roofbolters, Longwall Face Drills, Low Rider Roofbolters, Mixers / Pumps, Motors & Other Equipment, Plastic and Polyurethane Moulding, Pressure Cylinders and Structural Members, Products for Underground Coal Mining, Radial Drill Rigs, Rambor Roofbolters, Resin Injection Moulding, Rib Drills, Specialist Drilling Rigs, Spilling Rigs, Strapjacks, Top Mount Roofbolters, Trussmaster 1, Water Separators

Categories of Goods and Services Provided