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Anti-Seize Lubricants, Anti-Slip, Bearing Lubricants, Chain Lubricants, Cold Metal Forming Lubricants, Compressor Oil, Corrosion Protection, Cutting Fluids, Damping Lubricants, Drilling Lubricants, Gear Oils, Grinding Fluids, Hot Forging Lubricants, Hydraulic Oil, Industrial Absorbents, Industrial Adhesives, Industrial Cleaners, Line Marking, Lubricants, Metal Marking Inks, Metalworking Fluid Care, Mould Release, Multi-Purpose Maintenance Products, Non-Destructive Testing System (NDT), Open Gear Lubricants, Pipe Jointing and Leak Testing, Railway Lubricants, Reaming Lubricants, Repair and Preparatory, Site Safety Systems, Slideway Lubricants, Specialty Lubricants, Tapping Lubricants, Wire Rope Lubricants

Categories of Goods and Services Provided