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Roupe Equipment Company, Inc.

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Cat 5080 Excavator Crawler 1997, CAT 631E Scraper—1989, CAT 631E Scraper—1999, CAT 631E Scrapers—1999, CAT 637D Scraper—1979, CAT 637D Scraper—1979, CAT 637E Scraper—1986, CAT 772B Truck w Belly Dump—1989, CAT 777D Truck - 1998, CAT 789B Truck - 1995, CAT 789B Truck - 1993, CAT 789B Trucks - 1994, CAT 793C Truck - 1996, CAT 992C Front Loader—1980, CAT 992C Front Loader—1989, CAT 992C Front Loader—1992, CAT 992D Front Loader—1995, CAT 994 Front Loader—1995, CAT 994 Front Loader—1996, CATD10N 1990 Dozer, CATD10N 1993 Dozer, CATD10N 1994 Dozer, CATD10N 1994 Dozer, CATD10N 1995 Dozer, CATD10N 1996 Dozer, CATD11N, CATD9N 1991 Dozer, Euclid R-170 Rock Trucks, Euclid R170’s - 1995, Euclid R40 Truck - 1996, Euclid R50 Truck - 1987, Euclid R90 Truck - 1997, HITACHI EX150 Excavator Crawler—1994, HITACHI EX160 Excavator Crawler - 2001, HITACHI EX1800 Excavator Crawler—1991, HITACHI EX200LC Excavator Crawler—2001, HITACHI EX200LC-5 Excavator Crawler—1999, HITACHI EX200LF Excavator Crawler—1999, HITACHI EX220LC Excavator Crawler—1997, HITACHI EX220LC-3 Excavator Crawler—1996, HITACHI EX270 Excavator Crawler—1996, HITACHI EX300LC-3 Excavator Crawler—1997, HITACHI EX550BE Excavator Crawler—1996, KOBELCO SK250LC Excavator Crawler—2001, LIEBHERR 991 Excavator Crawler—1981, Q & K RH 170 Excavator Crawler - 1997, TEREX TS24B Scrapers—1977/1981, VOLVO L150C Wheel Loader—1995, VOLVO L220D Wheel Loader—1998, VOLVO L220D Wheel Loader—1999, VOLVO L220E Wheel Loader—2002, VOLVO L220E Wheel Loader—2002, VOLVO L50B Wheel Loader—1994, VOLVO L70C Wheel Loader—1997, VOLVO L70D - Wheel Loader—2000, VOLVO L90C Wheel Loader—1997, VOLVO L90C Wheel Loader—2000, VOLVO L90D Wheel Loader—2001, VOLVO L90D Wheel Loader—2001, Wabco 630E Trucks 1991

Categories of Goods and Services Provided