Runco S.A.

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Product/Service List

3D Machine Control Systems, Altimeters, Autolock Total Stations, Clinometers, Construction and positioning equipment (optical/electronic/laser/GPS), Construction Positioning Systems, Continuous Operating Reference Stations (GPS CORS), Conventional Machine Control Systems, Conventional Total Stations, Digital Levels, Digitizers, GPS Machine Guidance Systems, GPS Receivers, Hand Bearings, Laser Distance Meters, Laser Levels, Marine Positioning Systems, Microscopes and Stereo Microscopes, Optical Levels, Reflectorless Total Stations, Related Equipment, Robotic Total Stations, Software for Surveying and Construction, Surveying Accessories, Technical service for repair and callibration of surveying, Technical support., Testing Equipment for Asphalt, Testing Equipment for Concrete, Testing Equipment for Soil, Theodolites, Training Courses Provided on the Instruments, Training Courses Provided on the Software, Training Courses Provided on the Systems

Categories of Goods and Services Provided