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S&C Electric Company

S&C Electric Company is a global provider of equipment and services for electric power systems. Founded in 1911, the Chicago-based company designs and manufactures switching and protection products for electric power transmission and distribution.

S&C's products help deliver electric power efficiently and reliably. Some are used to switch circuits. Others minimize damage to equipment in the event of a fault or reduce the area of an outage by automatically rerouting power flow. And S&C's sophisticated power-quality products can deliver uninterrupted power for an entire facility, for crucial process industries.

In addition, S&C offers a wide range of engineering, laboratory, and testing services for electric utilities and commercial, industrial, and institutional power users.

S&C provides solutions for customers worldwide. The company has engineering offices and manufacturing facilities in Chicago, Illinois; Franklin, Wisconsin; Alameda, California; and Orlando Florida. S&C subsidiaries operate in Toronto, Canada; Wales, United Kingdom; Curitiba, Brazil; Naucalpan and Aguascalientes, Mexico; and Suzhou, China.

Underground Distribution SystemsUnderground Distribution Systems

S&C offers medium-voltage switchgear for virtually every application . . . from sprawling suburban locales . . . to downtown areas where space is at a premium . . . to high-profile sites where aesthetics are a concern. And S&C offers switchgear geared to the needs of large users of electric power, with ratings and operating features matching a wide array of application requirements. A variety of services are available as well.

Overhead DistributionOverhead Distribution

S&C’s rugged line of switching and protection products for medium-voltage overhead distribution systems provides long-term reliability and exceptional value. And S&C offers comprehensive services for overhead distribution systems too. For systems requiring a higher degree of reliability and operational efficiency, S&C can provide complete automation solutions . . . all the way to project management and commissioning.

Distribution AutomationDistribution Automation

As reliability and load requirements continue to increase, the need to keep costs at a minimum remains a concern. Let S&C help you overcome these operational pressures through distribution automation. S&C's engineering experts can provide automation solutions that meet your system requirements for monitoring critical feeders, reducing the duration of outages, and supporting the shifting of loads between sources to alleviate overload conditions.


S&C offers an unprecedented variety of substation switching and protection products, suiting the application and economic requirements of nearly every installation. S&C’s substation services — ranging from capacitor-bank transient studies to upgrades and retrofits — can help you optimize the performance of your substations.

Transmission SystemsTransmission Systems

With ever-growing loads and decreasing reserve margins, the demands on transmission systems have never been greater. S&C offers an array of products and services to address these challenges — from Circuit-Switchers to complete transmission system design and construction.

Power QualityPower Quality

S&C offers PureWave® power quality systems, the broadest selection of products offering whole-facility protection from virtually any power quality problem from 380 volts through 25 kV. These large-scale systems can be tailored to your specific power quality problem to offer the most economical and cost-effective solution. These products are designed to protect an entire facility from the impact of power quality problems. No longer is the data center the only area receiving protected power-the factory floor, offices, and support areas can all be economically protected.

Cypoxy® InsulatorsCypoxy® Insulators

Cypoxy insulators provide excellent performance in both outdoor and indoor applications. Cypoxy is a field-proven cycloaliphatic epoxy resin material that:

Won't track, even in harsh environments.
Withstands high-power arcs without damage.
Resists ultraviolet radiation.
Is lighter and more chip resistant than porcelain.

Handling ToolsHandling Tools

S&C Handling Tools provide convenient, easy operation of S&C fuses, cutouts, and disconnects, as well as those of other manufacture.

Easy Handling

Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Power SystemsCommercial, Industrial, and Institutional Power Systems

Reliable electric power is critical to the operations of commercial, industrial, and institutional users. S&C offers a broad range of rugged, cost-effective products designed to meet the stringent needs of these applications. And S&C can provide a wide variety of services for power users as well.

Address: 6601 N. Ridge Blvd.
Chicago, Illinois
United States, 60626-3997
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Phone: +1 (773) 338-1000
Fax: +1 (773) 338-3657
Toll Free: +1 (800) 621-5546
Contact: Alice Cegielski, International Operations Email

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