SCR Mines Technology Inc.

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Product/Service List

30 Ton Trucks, Alimaks and Drilling Platforms, Blasting Systems, Boart Buggy, Cable Bolting, Chutes and Dumps, Complete Surface and Underground Equipment Maintenance, Compressors and Generators, Construction, Conventional Mining, Crushers, Diesel Welders, Ditching and Road Construction, Electrical and Mechanical Services, Electrical Switchroom Construction, Equipment Refurbishing and Repairs, Fiber Optic and PLC Systems, Forklifts, Gravel and Paving, Hoist and Crusher Installations, Hoists, Jacklegs, Jeeps and Tractors, Jumbo and Longtom, Loading Pockets, Low/Medium Voltage Switchgear Modifications, Man Carriers, Mill Refurbishing and Upgrades, Mine Decommisioning, Mine Dewatering and Startup, Pastefill and Sandfill Systems, Refuge Stations and Fuel Bays, Scissor and Boom Trucks, Scoops, Shaft Cable Installation, Shaft Sinking, Shotcreting and Grouting, Steel Buildings and Head Frames Erection, Stopers, Storage Containers, Surface Drilling and Crushing, Total Underground and Surface Distribution Systems, Total Underground Rehabilitation, Trolley and Roadbed, Trolley Line and Kiruna Installations, Ventilation and Pumping Systems, Ventilation Doors and Bulk Heads

Categories of Goods and Services Provided