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SNF Flomin, Inc.

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SNF FloMin - Specialty Chemicals and Services for the Mineral Processing Industry If you require xanthates, dithiophosphates, thionocarbamates, xanthogen formates, xanthic esters, aliphatic alcohols, glycols, glycol ethers, depressants (Nokes, NaSH, organic and inorganic), anti-scalants and flocculants for the mining, alumina and water treatment sectors, then look no further.

SNF FloMin, Inc., a subsidiary of the SNF group of companies, is a manufacturer and distributor of reagents for the minerals processing industry. Our head office is based in the USA but with production sites in the USA, China and Europe and associated sales offices located in USA, Chile, Europe, South Africa, Peru, Australia, Canada, China and Brazil, we are well positioned to service your FloMin™ reagent needs.
Contact: Colin Cumberbatch at +1 281 573 3912 Ext 27 or Email to review how SNF FloMin can assist you.


Collectors & Promoters SNF FloMin C products are widely used for the flotation of copper, lead, zinc, gold, nickel, platinum group elements and others. Although our base products consist of the traditional known chemistries, we also have active programs in place for developing site specific blends and new products across the froth flotation spectrum.


SNF Flomin provides a wide range of alcohol, ethoxylated alcohols, polyglycol and polyglycol ether type products as well as formulations to provide the best performance based on the needs of the circuit.

Depressants and Activators

The FloMin™D products specifically cover organic and inorganic chemistries with Nokes reagent, widely used as a copper depressant in Moly flotation circuits a major product line. As an activator we can offer sodium hydrosulphide (NaSH) in either a solid or liquid form as per mine site requirements.


FloMin flocculants are used for density control in thickeners, as a rheology modifier in the concentrate thickeners, to increase solids for shipment, in the slimes dams for dewatering and overall for water reclamation. The use of FloMin filter aids and flocculants in these operations has the possibility to enhance performance whilst reducing costs. These products can be used under the most extreme temperatures and pH conditions


Hard Rock Mining

  • Sulfide Flotation Reagents
  • Thickener Control
  • Tailing Treatment
  • SX/EW
  • Anti-Scaling


  • Flotation Reagents
  • Dust Control
  • Freeze Conditioning Agents
  • Pond Treatment
  • De-Watering Polymers

Sales, Service and Logistics

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Sales and Marketing:

Colin Cumberbatch
Phone: 1 281 573 3912 Ext 27
Email: Colin.Cumberbatch@flomin-mining.com

SNF Flomin
Address: 7500 FM1405
Baytown, Texas
United States, 77523
View Supplier's Full Contact Information
Phone: +1 281 573 3912
Fax: +1 281 573 4921
Contact: Colin Cumberbatch, Marketing Director Email

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