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Shaanxi Sinwa Int'l Trading Co., Ltd.

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Molybdenum Foil, Molybdenum Bars, Molybdenum Discs, Molybdenum Electrodes, Molybdenum Plates, Molybdenum Rods, Molybdenum Sheets, Molybdenum Strips, Molybdenum Tubes, Niobium Bars, Niobium Foil, Niobium Plates, Niobium Rods, Niobium Sheets, Niobium Strips, Niobium Tubes, Refractory Metal Fasteners, Sintered Crucibles, Tantalum Bars, Tantalum Foil, Tantalum Plates, Tantalum Rods, Tantalum Sheets, Tantalum Strips, Tantalum Tubes, Tungsten & Alloys Electrodes, Tungsten Alloy Balls, Tungsten Alloy Components, Tungsten Alloy Plates, Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shields, Tungsten Alloy Rods, Tungsten Bars, Tungsten Discs, Tungsten Foil, Tungsten Plates, Tungsten Rods, Tungsten Sheets, Tungsten Strips, Vacuum Coating & Semiconductor Equipment Components, Welded and Riveted Boats

Categories of Goods and Services Provided