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TM Engineering Ltd.


Sample Preparation and Production Machinery, Accessories and Related Equipment for Mining

  • TM Engineering Ltd. is a leading supplier of sample preparation equipment for the mining and laboratory analysis sector.
  • TM is recognized for its dedication in servicing its customers, regardless of how long they have had equipment.
  • TM's Line of equipment is made to be durable, efficient, economically priced, and a long term investment.
  • TM takes pride and specializes in customizing its own line and/or designing equipment to specifically suit a customer's needs.
Bench Type Rotary Splitter

Bench Type Rotary Splitter

The most reliable and cost effective rotary splitter for up to 0.16 cubic foot (4.6 litre) samples.

The units come with a mass flow hopper, vibrating feeder and twelve splitter containers. Containers are supplied to suit customer's application, therefore there may be more or less upon requirement.

A 3"diameter dust extraction nozzle and solid state variable speed feeder and rotary splitter controls are also provided, in various voltages. It is available with full dust enclosure or open type as shown.

Dimensions: 20" wide x 30" long x 22" high. Weight: 200lbs (90kg).

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Rhino Jaw Crusher
Reduction Cone Crusher
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Jaw Crusher Over Rotary Sample Splitter
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Miniature Ball Mill
Screeners-Single Level and Multiple Levels
High Efficiency Shaker/Vibratory For WS Tyler Screens
Drying Ovens
Pressure Filter
Cupel Trays
Eccentric Shafts
Pinch Valves

For more information please email info@tm-engineering.com

Address:8560 Baxter Place
Burnaby, British Columbia
Canada, V5A 4T2
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Phone:+1 604 421-5500
Fax:+1 604 421-0012
Contact:Renzo Mariutti, General Manager Email
Laura Mariutti, Sales/Office Manager Email

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4 x 1000 Pulverizer, Accessories: Scoops and Mixing Trays, Bench Type Rotary Splitter, Crushers, Cupel Trays, Drying Oven, Eccentric Shafts Production, Fume Hoods, Grinders and Mills, Grinding Barrels, High Efficiency Shaker / Vibrator for WS Tyler Screens, Homogenizer, Jaw Crusher Over Rotary Sample Splitter, Jones Riffle Sample Splitter, Miniature Ball Mill, Miniature Impact Soft Material Grinder, Multiple Head Pulverizer, Pinch Valves, Pressure Filter, Pulverizers, Reduction Cone Crusher, Rhino Jaw Crusher, Rod Mill / Ball Mill, Rolls Crusher, Rolls Crusher Over Rotary Sample Splitter, Rotary Arm Splitters, Rotary Divider, Rotary Table Sample Splitter, Sample Divider, Sample Preparation and Production Machinery, Accessories and Related Equipment for Mining, Sample Splitter, Screener, Screeners - Single and Multiple Levels, Soft Material Grinder (With Cutters), Splitters and Dividers, Terminator Jaw Crusher, TM/G 1500 Pulverizer, TM/MAX2 Pulverizer, TM/S Series Pulverizers, Vibrator / Shaker for Taylor Screens, XT1000 Auto Pulverizer