Techline Services, Inc.

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Product/Service List

Bentonite Grouts and Sealant, Blast Hole Bits, Chain Thongs, Development Well Products, Down hole Hammers and Bits, Drill Fluids, Drill Steel and Accessories, Drilling Products, Environmental Well Products, Environmentally Safe Lubricants, Expandable Packers, Filtration Sands, Float Valves, Flush Threaded PVC, Furukawa Crawler Drifters, Furukawa Crawler Drill Rigs, Furukawa Crawler Equipment, Furukawa Crawler Parts, Hammers, Hole Wall Stabilization Products, K Packers, Liquid-O-Ring Drill Collar Compound: TFE 222 w/ TFE Resin And Moly-Disulfide 220 Copper Seal, Milltooth Tri-Cone Bits, Monitoring Well Completion Material, Petol Wrenches, PVC Pipe Clamps, Replacement Parts, Shale Traps, Shock Subs, Super Max Bit Underreamer Systems, Tooling Manufacturing, Top Hammer Accessories, Top Hammer Bits, Tungsten Carbide Tri-cone Bits, Well Rehab

Categories of Goods and Services Provided