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The Premier Underground Mining Contractor
in Canada and the United States

Thyssen Mining is a leading full service supplier of underground mine contracting services in North and South America. We also supply services internationally through joint ventures in shaft sinking and raise boring. Our focus is on Safety, Quality, and Cost, and our goal is to be the "Contractor of Choice for Employees, Clients, Partners, and Suppliers.

A detailed Information Document on Thyssen Mining can be downloaded for your review. It explains our history, outlines services offered, shows our organizational structure, and explains our vision and value statement. It contains a summary description of key personnel, a list of major completed projects, includes key policies, outlines our Quality Assurance and Safety Management Plans, and includes recent safety statistics. It illustrates our link to our parent company, Thyssen Schachtbau GmbH of Germany, and a number of sister companies and joint ventures throughout the world.

Thyssen Mining is committed to Safety, Training, and the Environment. We have key policies that are basic to the successful operation of our company, and we are committed to them from the most senior to the lowest levels in the company. We have developed the Thyssen Mining Safety Management Plan (TSMP) that we believe is the best in the industry. It focuses on reduction of the Significant Injury Frequency, which is a combination of first aid, medical aid, and lost time injuries per 200,000 man hours worked. This plan can be quickly adapted to any work site, and incorporated with existing safety plans.

Thyssen Mining is committed to developing opportunities for First Nations throughout North America. In 1997, Mudjatik Thyssen Mining Joint Venture (MTM) was formed to provide mining services in northern Saskatchewan. MTM was the first joint venture of its kind in North America, and is a 50/50 partnership between Mudjatik Enterprises Inc., a 100% First Nations owned company and Thyssen Mining. MTM has gained a reputation as a leading supplier of underground development and mining services and has completed major projects at Cameco's Eagle Point Mine, Cameco's McArthur River Mine, Cogema's Cluff Lake Mine, and Cigar Lake Mining Corporation's Cigar Lake Mine. We are interested in completing other similar joint ventures in North America, and welcome any inquiries from First Nations groups.

Thyssen Mining has a variety of excellent used equipment available for sale. It is our policy to sell off non-critical used equipment at the end of projects, and we have an excellent selection of well-maintained equipment available. If you are looking for used equipment, big or small, view our website regularly. Let us know your equipment needs, and we can look at what equipment will be available for sale as projects end, giving you first opportunity to purchase quality used equipment. We also have excellent shop facilities and highly skilled mechanics, and can work with you to complete your refurbishing needs.

Thyssen Mining has excellent corporate management, safety, and administrative personnel, with international experience in all facets of the mining industry. This experience includes shaft sinking, raise boring, mine development, mine operation, and many other areas. Our expertise allows us to provide clients with solutions to difficult problems that can impact a company. We also have experienced site managers and superintendents, many of whom have been with the company for most of their careers. We have an excellent group of well-trained core employees, and can move quickly to mobilize, and complete work safely, cost effectively, and with excellent quality.

Thyssen Mining prefers to work in partnership with clients, on a long-term ongoing basis, using a team management approach. We promote the concept of Strategic Alliance, to allow fast track design/build of projects and open book tendering to minimize risk for both parties. The Strategic Alliance requires the Engineer, Contractor, and Owner to work as a team from the start of the project, to integrate the design and construction of a project, to achieve realistic methodologies, schedules, and budgets for projects. The budget is the bid price from the Contractor, and is open to review by the Engineer and the Owner. The work can then be completed on a cost plus fixed fee basis, with reduced risk, and reduced margins. The Project Management Team becomes an integrated group made up of shared personnel from the Engineer, Contractor, and Owner, greatly reducing indirect manpower and project management costs. All parties work together to reduce project costs and improve the project schedule. The Owner saves significant time and money in this approach, achieving production goals and cash flow more quickly, and obtaining realistic budget numbers for financing purposes.

Thyssen Mining's employees are our key assets. Enjoy introspective comments from our crews in our newsletter, the Drift. Click here to review and receive your copy.

Contact us at: info@thyssenmining.com

Visit Thyssen Schachtbau GmbH
Address: Box 1997
2409 Albert St.North
Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada, S4P 3E1
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Phone: +1 306-949-6606
Fax: +1 306-543-5844
Contact: Customer Service Email
Rene Scheepers, President

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