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The Premier Underground Mining Contractor of Choice

Thyssen Mining is an integral partner in the largest, privately held mining and specialty contractor group in the world. As the primary, full service supplier of underground mine contracting services around the globe, we supply safe, reliable, cost-effective services internationally through joint ventures in shaft sinking and raise boring. We pride ourselves in our ability to quickly adapt and respond safely and effectively to our clients' needs. Our focus is on safety, quality and cost, and our goal is to be the contractor of choice for our clients worldwide. Our scope of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Shaft Sinking
  • Mine Development & Production
  • Contract Mining
  • Raise Boring
  • Ground Freezing
  • Grouting
  • Equipment Shop & Rebuild Facility
  • Engineering Design
  • Oil Well Recovery
  • Tunnelings
  • Joint Venture Services

To learn more about Thyssen Mining's Scope of Services and Projects, please visit us at www.thyssenmining.com

Headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Thyssen Mining has been sinking shafts worldwide for well over 100 years. Whether utilizing conventional drill and blast methods or innovative mechanized technologies, our approved practices continue to excel and grow as new age advances and safety standards increase. Due almost entirely to our skilled, experienced workforce and our specialized shaft sinking equipment with strategic shaft plant arrangements, Thyssen Mining has successfully excavated shafts through complex ground strata levels. We can design, develop, construct and operate any type of mine or underground facility.

Thyssen Mining's commitment is to not only meet, but to exceed, our clients' expectations by safely completing projects on time and within budget parameters. This is achieved by employing well-trained and qualified personnel, bringing the right team together to meet the clients' requirements and by providing dedicated support and service to our projects. The latter consists of site training and inspections by our safety personnel, prompt field service by our maintenance technicians, centralized human resources and purchasing services, technical support provided by our engineering department and daily interaction with Thyssen Mining senior management.

The success of our business is due entirely, without exception, to our dedication to safety, the experience of our people and our corporate philosophy. Our senior staff members share a wealth of experience in all aspects of underground mining, obtained around the globe and in all aspects of the mining industry. Our supervisory and mining personnel combine many years of experience with a youthful attitude and an eagerness to learn and stay ahead of the curve. We pride ourselves on having the highest level achievable of skilled personnel with the willingness to pass these skills on to the next generation of miners. We strive to treat all our people and our clients with respect, fairness and integrity.

Thyssen Mining has the manpower, equipment and capability to design and operate projects of any scale in both mining and civil applications. Our head office and equipment facility are both located in Regina, Saskatchewan. This 10 acre facility boasts over 20,000 square feet of shop space and additional storage buildings, which house an impressive fleet of mining equipment and specialized gear. Thyssen Mining boasts a highly skilled and knowledgeable mechanical workforce which provides us a highly cost effective system for supplying, repairing and rebuilding equipment for existing and upcoming jobs.

For more than 100 years, the Thyssen Group has been at the forefront of the ground stabilization technology known around the globe as artificial ground freezing -- a construction technique utilized in poor ground conditions and/or high water inflows. The Thyssen Group has used this ground stabilization method for over 100 years with the first artificial ground freeze project having been completed in 1905. In 1960, Thyssen Mining introduced artificial ground freezing to the Canadian mining industry when the first potash shaft in Saskatchewan was successfully completed to depth. To date, the Thyssen Group has safely completed shaft sinking operations for more than 90 frozen shafts through 30 kilometers of frozen ground, with a frozen shaft depth of up to 860 meters.

Thyssen Mining has assisted the petroleum industry with both the recovery and non-routine abandonment of damaged or deformed well casings. We bring practical and value-added solutions to these complex and difficult projects and, as a result, Thyssen Mining has become the contractor of choice for the petroleum industry.

Thyssen Mining's primary objective is to provide the safest mining environment and well-managed workplace for our employees. Thyssen Mining and its workforce are the leaders in today's mining industry, surpassing clients' established safety targets and production expectations and surpassing mining industry standards on a regular basis. Thyssen Mining has been and is well recognized for its safe mine sites, having received numerous awards for its commitment to safety.

Whether shaft sinking, ground freezing, raiseboring, grouting or shotcrete services, Thyssen Mining brings local solutions to global challenges. To view our current and past projects, please visit us at www.thyssenmining.com/project-gallery

Our Partners

Mudjatik Thyssen Mining Joint Venture

Mudjatik Thyssen Mining (MTM) is a joint venture between Thyssen Mining and Mudjatik Enterprises. Mudjatik Enterprises is a joint venture among various First Nations and M├ętis communities. MTM is the underground mine construction, development and production mining contractor of choice for northern Saskatchewan. www.thyssenmining.com/portfolio-items/mudjatik

Jetcrete North America

Jetcrete North America, a joint venture between Thyssen Mining and Byrnecut Australia, is a leader in the production and application of shotcrete and concrete, encompassing surface and underground scenarios. www.jetcrete.ca

Associated Mining Construction Inc. (AMC)

AMC is a joint venture between Thyssen Mining and J.S. Redpath. AMC is the major shaft sinking and mining contractor for North American potash projects. www.amcmining.com

It is through our joint ventures that each company can use the proprietary products and methods of the other in order to develop new methods for underground mining and excavation demands.

Global Partners

Thyssen Schachtbau GmbH

Thyssen Schachtbau GmbH, based in Germany, with extensive expertise in shaft sinking, drilling and shaft boring applications. www.thyssen-schachtbau.com/en


CMAC-Thyssen is a full service mining contractor based in Val d'Or, Quebec. With expertise in long hole drilling, equipment design & manufacturing and general mining contracting. www.cmac-thyssen.com

Byrnecut Mining

Byrnecut Mining, is one of the largest underground mining contractors in Australia, specializing in trackless mine development, production and shaft sinking.


Thyssen Mining

Address:Box 1997,
2409 Albert St.North
Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada, S4P 3E1
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Phone:+1 306-949-6606
Fax:+1 306-543-5844
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