Titan Environmental Containment Ltd.

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Aluminum Domes, Bolted Steel Tanks, Canal³® Geocomposite Lining, Drainage Solutions, Dry Bulk Storage, Erosion & Sediment Control, Geogrids, Geomembrane Liners, Geomembranes, Geosynthetic Clay Liners, Geosynthetics, Geotextile Tubes, HDPE, Insulation & Cladding, Liquid Storage, LLDPE - Heap Leach & Slag Tailings, PVC - Containment - (i.e. Heap Leach & Slag Tailings), RPP (Reinforced Polypropylene) - Containment, Teranap Bituminous Geomembrane, Trisoplast Mineral Liners, Welded Tanks, Worldwide Installation Services

Categories of Goods and Services Provided