Trolex Ltd

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Bespoke Indicator System, Bulk Machine Monitoring, Capacitive Level Switch, Cherub Personal Gas Alarm, Communication Modules, Control & Display, Cutting Machine Monitoring, Data Network, Differential Pressure Sensor, Enviro Portable Gas Detector, Ex Connectors, Ferro Proximity Switch, Fixed Gas Detectors, Flammable Gas Detector, Flow Sensors, Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring, Indicators, Inductive Proximity Sensor, Infrared Gas Detector, Insertion Flow Switch, Insertion Level Switch, Limpet Termperature Switch, Liquid Flow Sensor, Machine Monitoring, Magnetic Proximity Switch, Methane Recovery Monitoring, Monitoring Systems, Personal & Portable Gas Detection, Personal & Portable Gas Detection, Plant-Wide Monitoring, Power Supplies, Pressure & Level Sensors, Process Monitoring, Rail, SCADA Software Packages, Sensing Switches, Sentro Universal Gas Detector, Submersible Level Sensor, Systems With SCADA Interface, Temperature Sensors, Tilt Switch, Toxic Gas Detector, Ultrasonic Level Sensor, Vibration Sensors, Vortex Air/Gas Flow Sensor

Categories of Goods and Services Provided