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Our customers conduct liquid analytics in the toughest conditions in the world. They operate in mining, precious metal & ore refinement and extreme chemical processes, where most sensors are unable to provide accuracy or longevity.

Deterioration in the accuracy of sensors creates costly wastage as process control is affected. Additionally, in these extreme environments many sensors require intensive maintenance and frequent calibration, which are time consuming and costly processes.

The gold cyanidation process relies heavily on liquid analysis stability in an extremely aggressive environment for maximised production yield, optimised reagent consumption and worker health and safety.

Through thoughtful product design, Turtle Tough have developed a range of sensors and analysers that provide unmatched measurement stability in the gold cyanidation process. Our pH and ORP sensors have been designed for dissolved gas, cyanide and slurry resistant, with tough glass elements and a solid state reference system.

Turtle Tough Dissolved Oxygen sensors are built for extreme durability, fast response, low maintenance and superior stability. For tailings discharge, the Turtle Tough Cyanide System provides a low cost, low maintenance solution to permanent inline monitoring of cyanide.

The exceptionally aggressive process media in nickel extraction greatly affects sensor accuracy and lifetime, resulting in an intense and costly cleaning and sensor replacement schedule. The special design features of Turtle Tough pH & ORP sensors for nickel result in less frequent cleaning and a vastly longer life than any other sensor.

Dissolved gas ingress into the sensing element is a common cause of premature sensor failure in HPAL. Turtle Tough pH and ORP sensors feature sensing elements that are protected from dissolved gas ingress through a triple junction reference and high impedance glass electrodes, and feature a 150psi rating.

Solvent extraction also presents unique challenges to pH measurement as organic solvents attack the sensor. Our pH and ORP sensors utilise special body plastics and sealants to resist solvent attack. Turtle Tough Conductivity sensors offer superior performance and lifetime due to the optimal selection of materials, design and workmanship.

Copper ores are typically concentrated by froth flotation or hydrometallurgical extraction, both presenting unique process challenges. In froth flotation, surfactants coat measurement elements and report incorrect results, while xanthates will continuously attack probe bodies and measurement elements. Copper oxide ores are typically leached with sulphuric acid and subsequently refined via solvent extraction, with acids, sulphides and solvents all aggressively attacking all elements of the sensor. Many operators install sensors away from the injection point, only to experience a degradation in sensor accuracy and process control.

Turtle Tough pH and ORP sensor for Copper is supplied with high levels of chemical resistance, including sulphide and dissolved gas resistance. Optionally, we use solvent resistant sealants and different body plastics depending on the solids content of the ores. With this often tough application we are continuously evaluating each installation to ensure we supply the most robust and accurate sensor for the process.

A characteristic common to all Turtle Tough pH and ORP sensors is a massive solid state reference area which is ideally suited to this application as a physical deterrent to fouling. The unique construction and material composition allows it to withstand harsh cleaning. Any caking or fouling of the reference can be overcome by soaking in high strength acid or by physical removal such as scrubbing or even scrapping with a blade. This will not damage the sensor, but instead will reveal fresh reference area, greatly extending service life. Our proprietary glasses are extremely tough and designed to withstand the harsh abrasion of the environment or cleaning regime. Chemical resistance is also a major feature of our sensors, particularly against sulphide and dissolved gas poisoning.

Let us engineer a sensor for your application by emailing one of our Sales Engineers at info@turtletough.com.au.

The TT-MA Modular Analyser is a budget friendly, feature rich analogue analyser system. The modular design supports multiple sensor inputs including pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen and a variety of Ion Selective Sensors. A wide range of plug-n-play modules support data logging, temperature and relay control. The TT-MA Analysers have been designed specifically to interface with our extreme Turtle Tough sensors to provide the maximum possible service life to the sensor.

The TT-MAD Modular Analyser is designed exclusively for use with our Turtle Tough digital pH and ORP sensors. True plug-n-play sensor technology allows off-site smart calibration, hot swap capability, automated upload and download of sensor data, sensor event tracking and eliminates interaction with the analyser in any way.

Turtle Tough sensors are designed to seamlessly integrate into the process. With this in mind, our sensors are available in various body styles and with a range of installation hardware.

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