VEGA Americas, Inc.

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Product/Service List

Analyzer Accessories, Analyzers, Capacitive, Chemical Separation of Minerals, Density, Guided Microwave, Hydrostatic, Integration Solutions, Level, Level Measurement with the VEGAFLEX 61, Level Measurement with the VEGAPULS 68, Measurement for Conveyer Belts or Screw Conveyers, Measuring Percent Solids with a Density Gauge, Mill Discharge Collecting Container, Mounting Brackets, Moving and Conveying Material, Ore Storage in Silos, Organic Analysis, Overfill Protection with the VEGACAP 65, Plics Technology, Pressure, Primary and Secondary Ore Crushers, Radar, Radiation-Based Measurement, SmartPro, SmartScan, Source Holders, Storage of Coarse Bulk Materials, Survey Meters, Switching, System Components, Ultrasonic, VEGASON 65 for Smaller Silos, Vibration, Weigh Scales

Categories of Goods and Services Provided