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Velan Inc.

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API 6D & 6A Trunnion-Mounted Ball Valves, Bellows Seal Check Valves, Bellows Seal Gate Valves, Bellows Seal Globe Valves, Bimetallic Steam Traps, Cast Steel Check Valves, Cast Steel Gate Valves, Cast Steel Globe Valves, Clamp Joint Connectors, Flexi-Ball & Uni-Ball Joints, Gear Actuators, General Purpose Ball Valves, HF Alkylation Check Valves, HF Alkylation Gate Valves, HF Alkylation Globe Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Line Blinds, Metal-Seated Ball Valves, Power Ball Valves, Pressure Seal Check Valves, Pressure Seal Gate Valves, Pressure Seal Globe Valves, Resilient-Seated Ball Valves, Small Forged Check Valves, Small Forged Gate Valves, Small Forged Globe Valves, Stainless Steel Check Valves, Stainless Steel Gate Valves, Stainless Steel Globe Valves, Triple-Offset Butterfly Valves, Wafer Check Valves, Y-Pattern Bonnetless Globe Valves

Categories of Goods and Services Provided