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West Coast Industrial Supplies (WCIS) are a division of London Stock Exchange Listed Company Diploma PLC.

As sealing product specialists with extensive knowledge and experience in the mining, oil and gas industries, our global focus is to provide peace of mind to operators in these sectors wherever plant availability and throughput are critical to operations.

The Group Motto is “Essential Products, Essential Solutions, and Essential Values” reflecting a history of investment into local knowledge and capability for fast response, with global backing.

The WCIS Group operations are based in Perth, Brisbane and New Caledonia with international operations within Diploma on all continents.

We have a wide range of Mechanical and Agitator Seals that are manufactured specifically for Mineral Sands, Gold, Nickel, Iron Ore and many other applications.

Our TOTALSEAL™ range also includes Cartridge Seals, Mixer Seals, Elastomer Bellows and various Seal Support Systems.

We have specialists available for equipment condition monitoring, technical advice & training, seal installations and commissioning, pump overhauls, and handling general troubleshooting enquiries, and our TOTALSEAL™ service centres are located throughout Australia allowing us to inspect, refurbish and test damaged seals in-house.

Our team have a combined experience of over 50 years in HPAL processes and are able to assist with almost any enquiry.

WCIS stock a wide range of gaskets – from Semi-Metallic Gaskets (Kammprofile, MRG and metal clad gaskets) to Metallic Gaskets (Ring-Type and Lens Rings) to Softcut gaskets, using our own range of sheet materials (that we sell too!).

Our applications engineers can design custom gaskets to suit your application, and we can then create them using our in-house gasket manufacturing facility! We’re also able to supply the tools and equipment needed to make your own gaskets – when it comes to gaskets and gasket supplies, we’ve got it all.

WCIS have a wide range of flow control valves – from designing and supplying Positive Displacement Valves (non-return valves for positive displacement pumps), Ball Valves (quarter turn and three-way turn) and Knifegate & Butterfly Valves in a variety of material.

We can also supply a range of specialised actuators and can provide seal kits for all actuators we supply. Our TOTALSEAL Service Centres also allow us to inspect, refurbish and overhaul damaged valves, and we stock a wide range of OEM spare parts and can re-manufacture parts to their original quality and specification if needed.

Safety Spray Shields
Safety Spray Shields

Safety Spray shields, or Flange Guards, are used as a leak detection tool used to prevent spray–outs of the materials the pipes are transporting – which can often be harmful corrosives or toxic liquids. WCIS can offer both material spray shields and cloth shields, with options for a pH indicating patch to signal leaks.

Our range includes spray shields made of PTFE, Polypropylene, PVE, polyethylene and stainless steel, but if we don’t have the type you need in stock, we’re able to source and supply almost any kind of shield to suit your requirements.

WCIS can provide seals specifically designed for the oil and gas industry to suit a combination of fluids, gases, pressures, temperatures and applications.

We also stock a wide range of O-Rings and Back-up rings in various materials and standard sizes including Viton, Aflas, Nitrile, PTFE, HNBR and Perfluroelastomers.

We can supply custom-made o-rings to suit your application, and all of our elastomer products can come with full traceability if required. We can also supply o-ring tools and measuring equipment.

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