Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide

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Carbide grade powder, Cemented carbide, Cobalt and its compounds, Hard-facing materials, Metal compounds, Metal powders, Series of equipment, Tantalum and niobium products, Tungsten & molybdenum products, Anvils & pressure cylinders, Carbide for mining, Cast tungsten carbide, Copper based welding rods, Cutting inserts, Engineering tools, Furnaces for de-waxing, Furnaces for preparation of powder, Magnetic fluid, Mining tools, Molybdenum compounds, Other cemented carbide, Other rare metals, Pattern products and rods, Porcelain, Powder press, Roll rings, Sintering furnaces, Special carbide products, Spray powder, Steel-bonded carbide, Tantalum & niobium powder, The series of moulds and dies, Tungsten & molybdenum powder, Tungsten carbide powder, Tungsten compounds

Categories of Goods and Services Provided