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3,500 Listed Companies
8,700 Other Mining Companies

Over 12,000 Exploration and Mining Companies

Over 33,000 Mines, Projects and Processing Facilities

Over 33,000 Mines, Projects and Processing Facilities

Over 1.6M Regulatory and Source Documents

Over 1.6M Regulatory and Source Documents

Interactive and Online Mining Property Mapper

Interactive Mapper

A powerful mining database to meet your needs.


  • 25 years of Reserves and Production
  • Mining and Processing Technologies
  • GIS Data

Mining Suppliers

  • Mine Type and Location
  • Mining Operation Size
  • Key Contact Information


  • Company News
  • Reserves and Production
  • Financial Information


  • Mining Talent
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Mine and Project Details
... and much more.

View in-depth company and property information.

Commodity exposure
Geographic footprint
Financial performance
Share price
Royalty and option agreements
Ownership relationships
Reference documentation
Property development status
Mine type
Production numbers
Reserve figures
Mining technologies
Contact details
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Gain access to more than 1.5 million regulatory and source documents from major stock exchanges.

Easily identify relevant documents according to their filing type. Utilize our sophisticated document tagging to execute your research queries efficiently.

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