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Our mining data makes research richer, investing more precise and mining suppliers more effective.

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Data Methodology & Accuracy

In a world where data changes each and every second, IntelligenceMine strives to deliver the best you can get. Our Vancouver, Canada based specialists, analysts and researchers have developed the methods and measures to add, update, complete, detect and correct mining data. InfoMine was founded more than 25 years ago as a source of mining intelligence that provided in-depth company and property information. Our experience in this domain is evident in the product and service we deliver to mining and other clients around the world. Our team of analysts work to our proprietary ACUTE Data Excellence Principle to deliver the best mining intelligence.

ACUTE Mining Data Excellence is ...
Accurate, Complete, Updated, Timely and Evolving Mining Data

Our primary source of data has and still is the documents filed by public companies. Our methodology prioritizes the most sought after companies and their properties. Although we employ automation to filter and sort data to make it available to our clients as soon as possible, analysts cross check and add data strategically to enrich the data sets. We also view and review several other sources of data to complete and check what we do not get through the documents. We talk to real people at mining and mineral exploration companies too. We also work closely with our clients to evolve and improve our mining data sets to meet their needs.

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We have a devoted effort to quality control our data, including internal quality control procedures, and Strategic Data Initiatives (SDIs). SDIs include us consuming our own data via consulting, high quality mining maps, articles and reports. Our marketing team also consumes our data to define and execute their targeted campaigns.

Andy Robertson - Executive Chairman, Founder and CEO of InfoMine - is a visionary and leader in mining with more than 40 years of consulting, modelling, data and systems.

Andy is a meticulous entrepreneur (recently inducted into the Mining Hall of Fame) with an appreciation for rich data and intelligence that follows our ACUTE Data Excellence Principle.

Andy on PeopleMine

Data Coverage & Classification

We cover all projects and mines owned by public companies trading on main mining markets in Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. We also cover the largest public companies traded on other markets and a significant portion of large-scale mining operations run by private or government-owned companies. We have limited coverage in some African and Asian countries (e.g. Somali, India, Russia, China, etc.) due to the challenges to resource mining information.

We filter, sort and classify our mining intelligence in meaningful ways so that we can provide you with a powerful multi-facetted search to extract the data you need in a multi column grid view with sort capabilities.

Data Accessibility

We provide multiple ways to search, retrieve and visualize our mining data.

  • Use the multi-facetted power search to extract company and property data and then compare different views in full width grids.
  • Drill into any company or property for an in-depth profile that you can also download to PDF.
  • Use our powerful interactive mapper or purchase one of our high quality poster maps.

  • Download those same grids of data to Excel for your own purposes.
  • You can link your proprietary and cloud systems directly with IntelligenceMine.
  • You can speak to one of our mining specialists to get a custom data set from us.