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Latest Information
  • Cominco American Obtains Rights to Mesaba Copper-Nickel Deposit -(Cominco )
    Cominco has Acquired the Rights to the Undeveloped Mesaba Copper-Nickel Deposit in Minnesota. the Mesaba Deposit is Estimated to Contain Resources of More Than 700 Million Tonnes Grading0.46 % Copper and0.12 % Nickel,Accessible by Open PIT,and a Further 300 Million Tonnes of Higher Grade Resources,Which Could be Mined Underground. a 5000- Tonne Bulk Sample of the Mesaba Ore,Processed to Produce Concentrate,Will be Tested in the Cesl Pilot Plant in Vancouver. Cesl is a Hydrometallurgical Technology That Uses Liquid Processes to Recover Refined Metals From Ore and Does not Produce Significant GAS Emissions or Toxic Waste.(Cominco LTD )
    On 2001-06-13