Piedras Verdes

Key Facts
  • UpdatedDec 29, 2016
  • CreatedMar 09, 2007
  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationMexico
Latest Information
  • Cobre DEL Mayo, S.A. DE C.V. Announces the Completion of an Updated NI 43-101 Technical Report
    Cobre DEL Mayo S.A. DE C.V. Filed the Technical Report for Piedras Verdes, Mexico.
    On Dec 16, 2015 from Upload
  • Extension of Interest Payments Requested
    Frontera Copper Corp is Seeking to Extend the Payment of Interest on its Notes Such That These Payments Would be Made Over the Period of June Through August 2009. Such a Change is Being Submitted to the Note Holders for Approval Through an Extraordinary Resolution Dated June 10, 2009. Frontera has Been Advised by Its’ Mining Contractor Peal S.A. D CV That They Were Going to Sell Their Mining Equipment Previously Being Used at the Piedras Verdes Mine Under its Contract With Frontera. Frontera Management Entered Into Discussions With its Shareholder and With Peal to Determine if an Alternative Solution Could be Found to Secure the Mining Equipment and Find Sufficient Funding to Allow the Restart of Mining. the Company is Close to Reaching an Agreement With Peal That Will Secure This Equipment and Substantially Improve its Chances of Restarting Mining. This Agreement Will Require the Assistance of a Third Party. This Will Essentially Consume Most of the Funds Available Within Frontera to Secure This Equipment and Obtain a Commitment to Restart Mining Under the Terms of the Existing Peal Contract. the Frontera Board Believes That it is Only Through the Restart of Operations That the Viability of the Company CAN be Maintained.
    On Jun 15, 2009 from Sedar
  • Board of Directors Recommend Acceptance Cash Offer From Invecture
    Frontera Copper Corporation Board of Directors Recommended That Shareholders Tender Their Shares to the Offer Made by Invecture Group, S.A. DE C.V. to Purchase all of the Outstanding Common Shares of Frontera at a Cash Price Of CDN$0.75 PER Share. the Board Determined That the Invecture Offer is Superior to the CDN$0.65 PER Share Offer Previously Received From Southern Copper Corporation. Under the Terms of the Support Agreement Executed Between Southern Copper and Frontera, Southern Copper HAD the Right to Match a Superior Offer, but DID not Exercise its Right Within the Stipulated Five Calendar-Day Period.
    On Feb 15, 2009 from Unknown
  • Reduction in Estimate of Recoverable Copper Announced
    On Jan 22, 2009 from Unknown
  • Piedras Verdes Operations Update
    Piedras Verdes Operations Update
    On Dec 22, 2008 from Unknown

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