Sierra Valenzuela

Key Facts
  • UpdatedSep 08, 2017
  • CreatedDec 31, 2000
  • Asset TypeProject
  • LocationChile
Latest Information
  • Coro Signs Purchase Agreement for Acquisition of Ivan Sxew Plant for Marimaca Project, Chile
    Coro Mining Corp. Provided an Acquisition Update for Ivan and Sierra Medina, Chile.
    On Jun 09, 2017 from Sedar
  • Minera Rayrock Ltda. Announcements
    Minera Milpo Made Company Announcements About It´S Chilean Subsidiary Minera Rayrock Ltda.
    On Apr 20, 2011 from Unknown
  • 2008 Annual Report(Spanish)
    During 2008 in the EL Porvenir Mining Unit, Investments Started in Order to Increase the Mineral Production Capacity to 5,000 Mtd. Cash Cost in EL Porvenir has Maintained its Leadership, Locating in a Worldwide Level in the Third Place of Companies With the Lowest Costs. Production Mainly Came From Stopes at Level -960. Concerning Mineral Resources, Exploration Programs Have Returned Positive Results. During the Year, Main Investments(US$16.6 Mlls) Were Applied on Workings of the Phase III Mine Deepening Process, and Other Investments in Mine Ventilation and Equipment Renewal. Part of the Investments Done During the Year Will Enable to Increase Production Capacity to 6,000 Tpd.
    On Dec 31, 2008 from Unknown
  • Votorantim Metais Takeover BID Report(Spanish)
    On Apr 16, 2008 from Unknown
  • Directory Report About Public Offer Made by Votora
    On Apr 04, 2008 from Unknown

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