Swan (Elkhorn)

Key Facts
  • UpdatedJan 06, 2011
  • CreatedOct 31, 2003
  • Asset TypeProject
  • LocationUnited States
Latest Information
  • Elkhorn Queen Mining Claim Purchased
    Mountain-West Resources Announced That is has Purchased a Patented Mining Claim(The Elkhorn Queen Mining Claim) Located in the Elkhorn District in Jefferson County, Montana, Usa. the Purchase Price was US$50,000.
    On Jan 04, 2011 from Sedar
  • Elkhorn Group of Claims Leased
    Elkhorn Group of Claims Leased
    On Sep 11, 2001 from Sedar
  • Elkhorn Gold Project & Ptarmigan/Tom Mines - Sold to Private Company
    Elkhorn Gold Project & Ptarmigan/Tom Mines - Sold to Private Company
    On Nov 01, 2000 from Unknown
  • Elkhorn Project Receives Mining Permit
    the State of Montana, Department of Environmental Quality, has Issued the Necessary Mining Permit to Commence Underground Mining Operations at the Company's Elkhorn Gold Project. Upon Completion of Start-Up Capital Financing, Work Will Begin to Extract a 9,200 TON Underground Bulk Sample Grading 1.1 OPT AU Containing 10,000 Ounces of Gold. Initial Work Will Consist of Surface Facility Construction, Portal Construction and 1,200 Feet of Development Decline and Drifting.
    On Jan 26, 1999 from Unknown
  • Elkhorn Gold Project - Positive Drill Results
    Elkhorn Gold Project - Positive Drill Results
    On Sep 16, 1998 from Unknown

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