Gold Bar - Atlas

  • Gold 1,318.55 USD/ozt
Key Facts
  • Asset TypeProject
  • LocationUnited States

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Latest Information
  • Millsite Liability Resolved
    Atlas Announced an Agreement in Principle for its Release From all Future Liability With Respect to its Uranium Mill Site Near Moab,Utah. Atlas' President,MR. Gregg B Shafter Said,"... for the First Time in Over 10Years Atlas no Longer Carries the Uncertain Liability Often Attributed to the Millsite. This Agreement Will Greatly Enhance our Efforts to Reorganize Atlas and Emerge From Protection Under Chapter11 ...". Geographe International MFS Inc. has Been Engaged as Atlas' Exclusive Agent to Seek a Purchaser for the 100 % Controlled Grassy Mountain(Oregon)and Gold BAR(Nevada)Gold Properties.
    On 1999-03-19
  • Barrick ACQ Atlas' AU BAR Property
    Barrick ACQ Atlas' AU BAR Property
    On 1997-06-10
  • Gold BAR Agmt Signed With Barrick Gold
    Gold BAR Agmt Signed With Barrick Gold
    On 1997-04-24