Golden Cross

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  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationNew Zealand

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Latest Information
  • Agreement Reached With Coeur D' Alene Mines -(Cyprus)-(PD )
    Cyprus Amax Minerals Company has Reached Agreement With Coeur D'alene Mines Corporation to Settle Litigation Relating to the Golden Cross Mine in New Zealand for$31.5Million. This Coeur D'alene Lawsuit Initiated in19 95Arose From Cyprus Amax's Sale of the Golden Cross Mine in April19 93and Pertained to Damages From Ground Movement and Instability. an Insurance Claim is Being Pursued by Cyprus Amax in Connection With This Litigation.(Cyprus Amax Minerals CO )
    On Sep 08, 1999 from Edgar
  • Reports3RD Quarter Financial Results
    Reports3RD Quarter Financial Results
    On Nov 13, 1998 from Edgar
  • Reports1ST Quarter19 97Results
    Reports1ST Quarter19 97Results
    On May 13, 1997 from MMU
  • New Zealand Gold Mine Receives Positive
    New Zealand Gold Mine Receives Positive
    On Dec 20, 1996 from MMU
  • First Quarter Report
    First Quarter Report
    On May 14, 1996 from MMU