Granny Smith

  • Gold 1,265.51 USD/ozt
Key Facts
  • UpdatedSep 27, 2016
  • CreatedOct 09, 2002
  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationAustralia

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Latest Information
  • Barick Completes Divestiture of Three Australian Mines
    Barrick Gold Corp. Sold Granny Smith Mine, Lawlers Mine and Darlot Mine, Australia.
    On Oct 01, 2013 from Sedar
  • News Release - English
    Barrick Gold Corp. Announced the Divestment of Granny Smith, Lawlers and Darlot Mine, Australia.
    On Aug 22, 2013 from Sedar
  • Completion of 2ND Ore Processing Campaign -(Cre)
    Crescent Gold Announced That it has Successfully Completed a Second 50 DAY Processing Campaign Through the Barrick Granny Smith Mill in Which 22,658 Ounces of Gold and 7,707 Ounces of Silver Were Produced VIA an Ore Processing Agreement Between Crescent’S Laverton Gold Operations and Barrick, Near Laverton in WA(27,251 Ounces Were Produced in the First Campaign) .
    On Mar 11, 2010 from LSE
  • Campaign Milling Commences at Barrick Facility -(Cre)
    Crescent Gold Announce That the Sale of Crescent Ore to Barrick and the Campaign Processing of Crescent Ore has Commenced at Barrick’S Granny Smith Mill(Bgsm) at Laverton, Western Australia. Following the Recent Commencement of Mining Activities at Laverton and the Hauling and Stockpiling of Gold Ore to Barrick’S Nearby Granny Smith Mill(Bgsm) , Crescent has now Reached its Next Stated Development Milestone With the Start of Processing of Crescent Ore Through Bgsm as of the 11Th of October 2009. the Ore Processing Will be Undertaken by Barrick on an Allotted 50 Days PER Quarter Campaign Basis Under the Guidelines of the Recently Negotiated Ore Purchase Agreement(Opa) . all Gold Produced Under the OPA Will be Attributable to Barrick, However the Equivalent Production Rate of Gold is Forecast to be >100,000 OZ PER Annum.
    On Oct 15, 2009 from Sedar
  • Acquisition of Auriongold Completed -(Placer)
    After Completing the Compulsory Acquisition Process Placer Dome now Owns 100% of Auriongold Limited. Placer's BID for the Australian Gold Producer was Launched on MAY 26, and by Mid-October the Company HAD Gained a Controlling Interest. the Auriongold Acquisition Increases Placer's Interest in the Granny Smith Mine in Australia From 60% to 100%, and Increases the Company's Interest in the Porgera Mine in Papua New Guinea From 50% to 75%. it Also Adds Three New Mines in the Kalgoorlie Region of Western Australia and a Fourth in Tasmania. Asia Pacific is now Placer's Largest Region and is Expected to Contribute 1.8 Million Ounces or About Half of the Company's Total Production, in 2003.
    On Jan 03, 2003 from Sedar