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  • UpdatedSep 22, 2017
  • CreatedJan 08, 2003
  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationUnited States
Latest Information
  • Asarco Restructuring Successfully Completed
    Grupo México, S.A.B. DE C.V. Announces That Today the Restructuring of Asarco has Been Successfully Completed, Ending the Chapter 11 Process Undergone by the Company. Gmexico Made a Cash Contribution of US$720 Million and Secured Financing for US$1.500 Billion to Make Total Contribution to Asarco for US$2.200 Billion, and With Asarco’S Available Cash, a US$3.630 Billion Payment was Made to Creditors.
    On Dec 09, 2009 from Edgar
  • Bankruptcy Court Judge Recommendation
    On Aug 31, 2009 from Edgar
  • GM to Conclude Chapter 11 Process
    Grupo Mexico, Through its Subsidiary Americas Mining Corporation Filed a Reorganization Plan With the Bankruptcy Court of Corpus Christi, Which is Leading the Chapter 11 Proceedings of its Subsidiary Asarco, Providing for Full Payment of Principal Plus Accrued Interest, Meaning a 100% Cash Payment to Creditors. With This New Plan Grupo Mexico Reaffirms its Initial Intentions at the Start of the Chapter 11 Process, to PAY all its Subsidiary's Liabilities Once These HAD Been Defined. Consequently, AMC Will PAY US$2.4829 Billion, of Which US$2.2029 Billion Will be Paid on the Effective Date of the Plan Plus a One-Year Promissory Note for US$280.0 Million for the Asbestos Creditors.
    On Aug 17, 2009 from Edgar
  • Grupo Mexico Announced Directors Change(Spanish)
    On Feb 15, 2007 from Edgar
  • ILO Refinery Modernization Program Concluded(Spanish)
    On Feb 01, 2007 from Edgar

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