Key Facts
  • UpdatedJun 13, 2017
  • CreatedDec 31, 1997
  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationBotswana
Latest Information
  • Q4 2011 Production Results
    Norilsk Nickel Mining and Metallurgical CO. Released Production Results.
    On Jan 30, 2012 from Extra
  • 2010 Full Year Results
    2010 Full Year Results
    On Jan 31, 2011 from Extra
  • MMC Norilsk Nickel Obtains New Licenses in Botswan
    Norilsk Nickel's Subsidiary Tati Nickel(Botswana) Secured New Exploration Licenses in the Country. to Increase Resource Base of the Tati Nickel Project, the Management Secured Licenses for Additional Territories Adjacent to Current Production Sites of Tati Nickel. Botswana’S Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Affairs Granted Tati Licenses for Three out of Four Territories Requested Earlier. Presently Tati Nickel Owns Licenses for the Areas Attractive for Exploration and Located Directly Between Phoenix and Selkirk Deposits to the West. a 3-Year Exploration License was Obtained for Tekwane Deposit With Preliminary Resources Estimated at 0.6 Million Tons of Nickel With Nickel Grade of 1.28%, CU – 0.59% and Average Ore Body Thickness of 1.5 M. Another 3-Year Exploration License was Obtained for the Area North of Phoenix Deposit –Pinagare Prospect. as Regards Exploration License for Eastern Areas of Tekwane Prospect up Until the State Border With Zimbabwe, Tati is Currently Expecting to Take Part in the Tender Procedures for These Areas.
    On Dec 01, 2010 from Extra
  • Botswana Project Update
    Botswana Project Update
    On Jun 04, 2008 from Unknown
  • Annual Results Released -(Lim)
    Lionore Q4 Earnings US$205.3 Million as Revenue Almost Triples to$377.1 Million.
    On Feb 26, 2007 from Unknown

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