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Latest Information
  • Write Down of Arkansas Diamond Project -(BZO )
    Write Down of Arkansas Diamond Project -(BZO )
    On 2002-12-09
  • Murfreesboro Properties Drilling to Commence -(BZO )
    Star Resources has Arranged for Prospective Bulk Sampling Through the Drilling of12,Five-Foot Diameter Holes on its American,Kimberlite and Black Lick Properties in Murfreesboro,Arkansas to Begin in May. Drill Locations Were Selected Based on Previous and on-Going Microdiamond Analysis,on the Structure and Petrology of Several Lamproite Bodies and on the Results of Previous Core Drilling. a Sample of Approximately160Tons Will be Obtained From Each 100-Foot Hole,Although the Final Depth of Each Hole Will be Determined by the Specific Lamproite Unit Being Investigated. the Samples Will be Processed at the Company's Murfreesboro Plant.
    On 2002-04-18