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  • UpdatedJan 31, 2003
  • CreatedJul 31, 1998
  • Asset TypeProject
  • LocationUnited States
Latest Information
  • Write Down of Arkansas Diamond Project -(Bzo)
    Write Down of Arkansas Diamond Project -(Bzo)
    On Dec 09, 2002 from Sedar
  • Murfreesboro Properties Drilling to Commence -(Bzo)
    Star Resources has Arranged for Prospective Bulk Sampling Through the Drilling of 12, Five-Foot Diameter Holes on its American, Kimberlite and Black Lick Properties in Murfreesboro, Arkansas to Begin in May. Drill Locations Were Selected Based on Previous and On-Going Microdiamond Analysis, on the Structure and Petrology of Several Lamproite Bodies and on the Results of Previous Core Drilling. a Sample of Approximately 160 Tons Will be Obtained From Each 100-Foot Hole, Although the Final Depth of Each Hole Will be Determined by the Specific Lamproite Unit Being Investigated. the Samples Will be Processed at the Company's Murfreesboro Plant.
    On Apr 18, 2002 from Sedar

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