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Latest Information
  • Yogo Mining Curtailed -(RRS )
    Pacific Sapphire has Curtailed Mining Operations and Plans to Commence Reclamation Work on its Yogo Property in Montana as a Result of its Inability to Meet Payment Obligations Under the Lease Agreement With Roncor Inc. the two Companies are Continuing Discussions About Pacific Sapphire's Optioning or Purchasing the Property. Yogo Commenced Production in October of Last Year,and Returned2,000Carats of Sapphire From the First270Tonnes Processed,Including 400 Stones in Excess of1Carat. Placer Sapphire Deposits Were Discovered in the Area in18 95, and16 Million Carats Were Recovered Between1899 and1929 .
    On 2001-06-20
  • Yogo Sapphire Property-Sapphire Recovery Commenced -(RRS )
    Sapphire Recovery has Commenced on Pacific Cascade Resources Corp's Yogo Property in Montana. the Recovery Plant Commenced Operation on October1, and has Recovered2,000Rough Carats From the First270Tonnes Processed. More Than 400 Stones of a Size Greater Than1Carat Were Recovered,Including one5.5Carat Stone.
    On 2000-10-17
  • Yogo Sapphire Project-Exploration Update -(RRS )
    Trenching has Exposed 76.2M of the Primary Sapphire-Bearing Dyke Along Strike in the Middle Mine Area of Pacific Cascade Resources' Optioned Yogo Property in Montana. Rough Sapphire Values Greater Than3MM Ranged From14 .1Rough Carats Over17 Feet on the West to33 .9Rough Carats Over22 Feet at the East END of the Section. Small-Scale Mining is Anticipated to Start in September and Material From the Initial Phase of Mining Will More Accurately Identify Grade and Quality of Stones Necessary to Determine a Resource Estimate. the System Consists of SIX Parallel Dykes,Five of Which are Sapphire-Bearing,up to7M in Thickness and Open at Depth.
    On 2000-08-16