Barrow Creek

Key Facts
  • UpdatedOct 22, 2015
  • CreatedJun 21, 2001
  • Asset TypeProject
  • LocationAustralia
Latest Information
  • Barrow Creek JV Drill Program Announced
    Barrow Creek JV Drill Program Announced
    On May 24, 2005 from ASX
  • Barrow Creek Project Option and JV Agreement Entered
    Barrow Creek Project Option and JV Agreement Entered
    On Mar 02, 2005 from ASX
  • Second Quarter Activities Report
    Second Quarter Activities Report
    On Jan 28, 2005 from ASX
  • First Quarter Activities & Cashflow Reports
    First Quarter Activities & Cashflow Reports
    On Oct 29, 2004 from ASX
  • Press Release - English
    Goldstake Explorations has Exercised its Option to JV Into its 50%-Owned Prospect "D", Barrow Creek Property in the Northern Territory Subject to all Parties Agreeing to the Standard Formal Mithril-Bhp Billiton Alliance JV Agreement. BHP Billiton MAY Earn 59% Through the Expenditure of$5 Million. Mithril Entered Into a Heads of Agreement in 2003 With Goldstake Explorations and Imperial Granite and Minerals Pty. Ltd. to Explore for and Develop Nickel Sulphide Deposits Within Exploration Licence 23186 Near Barrow Creek. the Agreement Allows Mithril to Earn 75% Equity in the Project by Spending$5 Million Over Four Years. the New JV Will Transfer the$5 Million Expenditure Requirement From Mithril, WHO Will be the Operator, to BHP Billiton and Allow Mithril to Retain 16%. In the Last Quarter of 2003, a Time Domain Electromagnetic(
    On Mar 09, 2004 from Sedar

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