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  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationSouth Africa

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Latest Information
  • Marikana Update
    Aquarius Platinum Ltd. Provided a Company Update.
    On 2012-06-12
  • Kroondal and Marikana Workforce Update
    Aquarius Platinum Reported an Update to the Announcement of Thursday ,27 August 2009in Respect of the Unprotected Industrial Action by Former Employees of the Principal Underground Mining Contractor at Aquarius Platinum Kroondal and Marikana Operations. Production Restarted at the Marikana Operations on 31August as Planned,With Some Production at Kroondal Only Resuming on3September. the Engagement Delay and Employee Deployment Plan has Extended the Estimated Ramp-up Period
    On 2009-09-07
  • Full Year Results: 30June 200 9
    Aquarius Recorded a Consolidated Loss for the Year to 30June 2009of $45 .7Million(US13 . 30Cents PER Share)Compared to a Prior Year Profit of $236.5Million. the Result is Attributable to a Number of Factors but in the Main a Collapse of PGM Prices During the First Half of the Financial Year and Reduced Production DUE to the Suspension of Operations at the Everest Mine in December 2008. Significantly,Earnings in the Second Half of the Financial Year (2H 2009) Reflected a$94.4Million Swing Resulting in a NET Profit of $24 .4Million in2H. This NET Profit was Achieved Despite Lower Production(Everest), the Impact of Dollarisation of the Zimbabwean Economy and a Significant Strengthening in the Value of the SA Rand Against the US$in2H. the NET Profit Achieved in the Second Half is Attributable to Improved US$PGM Prices(Both Provisional and Realised)Lifting From the Lows Experienced in the December 2008Quarter.
    On 2009-08-12
  • Marikana & Everest Pass Safety Audits & Compliance Inspections
    Marikana & Everest Pass Safety Audits & Compliance Inspections
    On 2008-01-07
  • Marikana Mine Resumes Operations
    Aquarius Platinum Limited Advised That Production has Resumed at the Marikana Platinum Mine in South Africa. on December 21, 2007, Underground Contractor Murray & Roberts Cementation(MRC)Reported That Employees HAD Signed on at Marikana and That Production Commenced With the Morning Shift Following an Unprotected Industrial Action Related to Bonus Payments on December16,2007. as a Result of the Temporary Shutdown,Production Losses are Estimated to be3,0004 E(Platinum+Palladium+Rhodium+Gold)Ounces. it is not Expected That These Ounces Will be Made up During the Quarter.
    On 2007-12-27