Key Facts
  • UpdatedFeb 15, 2016
  • CreatedAug 01, 2008
  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationChile
Latest Information
  • Official Opening of Caserones Mine
    Official Opening of Caserones Mine
    On Aug 01, 2014 from Upload
  • News Release 11 JUN 2014
    S.C.M. Minera Lumina Copper Chile S.A. Provided a Company Update.
    On Jun 11, 2014 from Extra
  • Interest in Copper/Gold Project Acquired
    Mitsui Mining & Smelting CO. Ltd. Signed an Agreement to Acquire an Interest in a Copper/Gold Project in Chile & Argentina.
    On Sep 10, 2012 from Extra
  • Caserones Cu-Mo Deposit Development Project
    as of Nov30/11, the Investment to Develop the Caserones Cu-Mo Project has Been Reviewed, Taking Stronger Chilean Peso Against the US Dollar LED by Higher Copper Price, Inflationary Effects on Construction Materials, Equipments and Labor Costs and Engineering Design Development Into Consideration. as a Result, Estimates for the Capital Expenditure(Production Facilities and Related Costs) for the Project has Increased to Approximately US$ 3 Billion From Original Estimates of US$ 2 Billion. Despite the Increase in the Capital Expenditure, the JV Company Believes That the Project Still has Sufficient Economics Driven by the Increase in Copper Price.
    On Nov 30, 2011 from Unknown
  • News Release 8 ENE 2010
    S.C.M. Minera Lumina Copper Chile S.A. Provided a Company/Property Update.
    On Jan 08, 2010 from Extra

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