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  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationChile

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Latest Information
  • Official Opening of Caserones Mine
    Official Opening of Caserones Mine
    On 2014-08-01
  • Caserones CU-MO Deposit Development Project
    as of NOV 30/11,the Investment to Develop the Caserones CU-MO Project has Been Reviewed,Taking Stronger Chilean Peso Against the US Dollar LED by Higher Copper Price,Inflationary Effects on Construction Materials,Equipments and Labor Costs and Engineering Design Development Into Consideration. as a Result,Estimates for the Capital Expenditure(Production Facilities and Related Costs)for the Project has Increased to Approximately US $3Billion From Original Estimates of US $2Billion. Despite the Increase in the Capital Expenditure,the JV Company Believes That the Project Still has Sufficient Economics Driven by the Increase in Copper Price.
    On 2011-11-30
  • Step Forward to Fund Caserones Project
    as of Sep/09,as a Result of Careful Review of the Interim Report of the Evaluation,it was Made Clear That the Project is Economically Worth Advancing the Development,Though the Project Still Requires Environmental Approvals,Etc. From the Relevant Authorities. PPC,on the Premises That the Project Will be Shifted to Full Scale Development,Made a Decision to Appoint a Financial Advisor,in Order to Raise Funds for the Project Possibly Under Project Finance Scheme.
    On 2009-09-09
  • Regalito Project Metallurgical Results Released -(Regalito )
    Regalito Copper has Announced Final Results From the Metallurgical Test Program on Material From the Regalito Property in Chile Recently Completed at SGS Lakefield's Laboratory in Santiago,Chile. the Final Results Show That Test Material From the Oxide and Secondary Sulphide Zones Averaged Recoveries of 84% Total Copper and89 % Recoverable Copper and Sulphuric Acid Consumption of5.1KG of Acid PER Tonne of Ore Over a Test Period of210to240Days. the Tall Column Leach Program Tested Material Collected From Eight Large-Diameter Core Holes That Were Drilled Across the Deposit.
    On 2006-02-22
  • Regalito Copper Project Additonal Surface Rights Secured -(Regalito )
    Regalito Copper has Announced That it has Acquired an Additional 200 Liters PER Second of Water Rights for its Regalito Copper Leach Project in Chile. in Addition,the Company has Purchased Majority Ownership of Approximately36 ,000HA of Surface Rights That Overlie the Regalito Deposit,the Planned Sites for Leach Pads and Processing Infrastructure,and Access to the Property. the Surface Rights Will be Acquired for US $2.7Million Payable Over a Three Year Period. David Strang,President,Said,"The Acquisition of These Water Rights Secures the Water Requirements for a Large Scale Copper Leaching Operation at Regalito.
    On 2005-11-21