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  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationPeru

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Latest Information
  • 2009 Annual Report (Spanish)
    During 2009Underground Production was576, 625 DMT,From Which58,857 DMT Came From Gayco Zone. Production was 21.2% Lesser Than Previous Year DUE to Strikes,Which Halted Operations for38 Days. Coppper and Lead Grades Increased in29 % and15 .4% Respectively,While Zinc and Silver Decreased in1.6% and0.4% Respectively,as Regards to Last Year. However Just Copper Production Increased in7.5%,While Silver,Lead and Zinc Decreased in 20.6% ,8.4%,and23 .6% Respectively as Respects to Preceding Year. Reserves Have Increased in12 .5% Because of New Exploration and Development Works. Sections Which Reported Greater Volume for Reserves Were Catuva (55 .5%), Esperanza (8.4%)and Hadas (2.9%)Veins. From 50Production Stopes That Were Worked,a 70% Showed Irregularities in Area and Metallic Content,DUE to Continuous Erratic Feature of the Deposit at Depth,Irregular Structures,Problems in Ground Unstability,Water Presence,Etc. Explorations Were Focused on Replacing Mined Reserves. Copper GOT Great Volume From Catuva-Zone Orebodies; Lead GOT a Boost at Margot-Santa Rosa Zone; Zinc Achieved Greater Volume From Catuva Orebody,Levels630,660and675; While Silver Could not GET a Significant Volume Because it was not Possible to Develop Flor DE Loto Vein. Diamond Drilling Program was11 ,990M and Enabled to Define Potential Areas With Continued Mineralization. Nueva Esperanza Project HAD Disheartening Results in Piques Zone,Dique Vein and the Intersection of Gayco and Puyhuancocha Faults,Where There Just Were Found Little-Volume Irregular Structures.
    On 2009-12-31
  • Production Affected by Workers Strike(Spanish )
    Compania Minera Raura S.A. Announced That it was Affected by a Reduction on its Production Respect to Programmed,on the January,February and March Months of Approximately a 40%,76% and66 % Respectively; Caused by Unfavorable Effects of Strikes Undertaken by Contractor Workers During Those Months. Additionally,Resignation of a Contractor Company,Which has Been Doing Workings on the Higher Productivity Zone. the Company was Evaluating New Contractors in Order to Replace Workings Left by Resigned Contractor. Therefore,Production on April is Expected to Decrease 30% Respect to Programmed.
    On 2009-03-30
  • 2008 Annual Report (Spanish)
    Compania Minera Raura Announced Operations Report for Calendar Year 2008. During the Period ,721, 302 DRY Metric Tones Were Produced,51, 933 DMT Came From the Gayco Zone at a Cash Cost was US $78 . 31/Dmt. Production was up2.3% Compared to the Production Obtained Last Year; Lead and Zinc Grades Were Superior in6.5% and11 .5% Respectively,Copper and Silver Decreased15 .8% and8.0% in Respect to the Same Period 2007. Exploration and Development Activities Resulted in the Estimation of 656 ,574DMT of New Reserves. in Addition the Company was Undertaken Exploration Activities in Mine Vicinity Areas Including New Projects Like Nueva Esperanza,Diablo Mudo and Suerococha,and Mitopunt,all for Polymetallic Minerals.
    On 2008-12-31