San Vicente

Key Facts
  • UpdatedDec 12, 2016
  • CreatedDec 31, 2004
  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationPeru
Latest Information
  • Notes to the 4Q2013 Statements(Spanish)
    Compania Minera SAN Ignacio DE Morococha S.A.A. Announced its Financial Results.
    On Feb 21, 2014 from LSE
  • 2009 Annual Report(Spanish)
    During 2009 Investing Projects Were Developed in Order to go on in the Time, as the Second Stage Completion(2A) of Re-Enlargement in LA Esperanza Tailing Dump. at the END of 2009 Exploration Through Diamond Drilling in Uncush Sur, Resulted Positive When Intercepted Alfonso Mantle at Level 2230 and SAN Vicente Techo Mantle Under Level 1870, Both Areas Were Prepared as of Year END 2009 for Starting Production Since 2010. the Mineral Processing Plant Treated 565,140 Dmt, a 14.52% Lesser Than Previous Year. Zinc was not Affected by Increasing Zinc-Oxide Grades From Northern Facility at Head Mineral, Keeping its Recovery Over 97%, in Spite of Decreasing Zinc Grades. a Feasibility Study is Carried out Through Gravimetric Tables, With the Goal of Accomplishing a Table-And-Spiral Circuit to Achieve the Normal Zinc Recovery Over 90% as was Previously. Negative Ramp 1010 Came to a Halt in Deepening Until Programmed Diamond Drilling Ends in 2010. on the Other Hand Explorations in Uncush SUR Alto Zone Were Boosted, in View of the Fact That it Contributed in 42% of Total Production in 2009. With Regards to Specially Important Projects, the Negative Ramp 7095 of Level 1870 in Uncush SUR Alto Deepened to Lower Levels and the 2230 Level was Elongated Towards Luna and Silvia Zone, in Order to Replace Actual Stopes for 2010 and Likewise According to Long Term Mining Plan, for Extending the Life of the Mine for 10 More Years. as of Year END 2009, Started Exploration in Mina Central Alta Sur, Planned to be Mined From 2010 to 2015.
    On Dec 31, 2009 from Unknown
  • 2008 Annual Report(Spanish)
    Cia. Minera SAN Ignacio DE Morococha Released 2008 Annual Results. Production Continued With its Rising Tendency, Having Increased the Zinc Concentrate Annual Production by 4% Compared to 2007. Operations in the Lower Part of the Mine HAD to be Suspended Unfortunately as a Result of a Fatal Accident That Took 4 Miners Life; This Delayed the Deepening Process of the Mine, Which was Reassumed on August 2008. LOW Metal Prices Affected the Company Financial Results Driving the Company to Take Actions in Order to Control and Reduce Operation Costs as Well as Investments. During the Year, PEN$44 Million Were Applied TO: Continuing With the Deepening Process of the Mine Through Ramps 1010 and 1150, Concluding the First Stage of the Pumping System Project, and Other Workings. Annual Sales Were up US$131 Million, Which Represents a Decrease of 42% With Respect 2007.
    On Dec 31, 2008 from Unknown
  • Inventory of the Mineral Reserves(Spanish)
    On Nov 29, 2007 from Unknown
  • Notice of Landslide Produced Close to the Mine(Spanish)
    On Jan 23, 2007 from Unknown

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