Tia Maria

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  • Asset TypeProject
  • LocationPeru

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Latest Information
  • TIA Maria EIA Approval
    Southern Copper Corp. Provided a Company Update.
    On 2014-08-04
  • 2Q2014 Financial Notes
    Southern Copper Corp. Announced its Financial Results.
    On 2014-07-28
  • 3Q10 Conference Call
    On 2010-10-29
  • 3Q10 Results
    Scco Announced Results for the3Q 10. Sales Were $1,257.9Million ,9.2% Higher Than the $1,151.8Million in the3Q09 .9M 10Sales Were $3,650.5Million,40.5% Higher Than the $2,598.3Million in the9M09 . These Increases Were Mainly the Result of Higher Metal Prices as Well as Higher Molybdenum Sales Volumes. Operating Cash Cost PER Pound of Copper,NET of by-Products Credit,was14 .5C/Lb in the9M 10, Compared With36 .9C/Lb in9M09 . This Improvement was the Result of Continuing Operational Efficiencies and Higher Byproduct Credits,Principally From Higher Prices for Molybdenum,Zinc and Silver as Well as Higher Molybdenum Volume. Ebitda in9M 10was $1, 979 .9Million. Copper Mined Production in the3Q 10Increased by4.1% to125,193Tons Compared to120,240Tons in3Q09 . This Increase was Mainly the Result of4,985Tons of Sxew Copper Production at the Cananea Mine. Full Production Capacity at This Unit is Expected to be Reached by February 2011.
    On 2010-10-28
  • 2Q10 Conference Call
    On 2010-08-06