Mina Punta Del Cobre

Key Facts
  • UpdatedJun 23, 2016
  • CreatedMay 04, 2005
  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationChile
Latest Information
  • 2009 Annual Report(Spanish)
    in 2009, Prouction From Venado SUR Mine Reached 89,663 Tonnes of Copper Oxides, DUE to the Mine was Closed Temporally Between February and July. Exploitation Activities Were Undertaken by Riosal Company Supervised by Pucobre Engineers.
    On Dec 31, 2009 from Unknown
  • 2008 Annual Report(Spanish)
    During 2008, Pucobre Registered Important Incomes From Sales Raising US$241 Million, Resulting on NET Profits Over US$80 Million. During the Year, 4.8 Million Tones Were Extracted From Mining Deposits, Being 3.8 Million Tones of Sulfide Minerals and 984,000 Tonnes of Oxided Minerals. This Last, Jointly With Approximately 100,000 Tonnes of Oxided Ore Coming From Other Sources, Were Treated on the Cathode Plant “Planta Biocobre”. High Quality Cathode Production Reached 8,524 Tonnes. Sulfided Minerals Were Treated on the Plant “San Jose”, Producing Around 100,000 Tonnes of Copper Concentrate Which was Delivered to Codelco and Enami Smelters.
    On Dec 31, 2008 from Unknown

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