Santa Barbara

Key Facts
  • UpdatedMar 01, 2017
  • CreatedDec 31, 2004
  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationMexico
Latest Information
  • 4Q09 Reults
    Scco Announced That Sales for Fourth Quarter(“4Q09”) and Twelve Month Period Ended December 31, 2009(“Y09”) Were US$1,136.0 Million and US$3,734.3 Million, Respectively, Compared to$449.7 Million and$4,850.8 Million in the 4Q08 and the Full Year 2008(“Y08”) . the 4Q09 Increase is Attributable in Most Part to Higher Copper Prices and to the Significant Increase in Molybdenum and Silver Volumes Produced and Sold. Operating Cash Cost PER Pound of Copper, Before By-Products Credit Reduced to 134.5 C/Lb in Y09 Compared With 163.0 C/Lb in Y08. This Decrease was the Result of Higher Productivity and Operational Efficiencies. Operating Cash Cost PER Pound of Copper, NET of By-Products Credit was 35.6 Cents PER Pound in Y09. Ebitda in 4Q09 was US$615.9 Million. Copper Mined and Smelted in 4Q09 Increased by 4.9% and 18.8%, Respectively, Compared to Those of the 3Q09. Also, in 4Q09 Production of Zinc Mined and Refined Increased by 0.4% and 29.9%, Respectively, While Silver Mined and Refined by 1.0% and 15.3%, Respectively. in Addition, the Production of Molybdenum in Year 2009 Increased 14%.
    On Dec 31, 2009 from Edgar

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