Key Facts
  • UpdatedSep 22, 2017
  • CreatedFeb 22, 2007
  • Asset TypeProject
  • LocationCameroon
Latest Information
  • East Mada Drilling Update
    East Mada Drilling Update
    On Sep 08, 2008 from Sedar
  • Progress Update on Mada Drilling Program in Cameroon
    Progress Update on Mada Drilling Program in Cameroon
    On Jun 25, 2008 from Sedar
  • CAN$35 Million Offering Terms Announced
    Geovic Mining Corp.(Tsxv:Gmc) Aims to Raise CAN$35 Million in an Equity Financing to Fund Development and Exploration Drilling at its Nkamouna and Mada Cobalt-Nickel Projects in Southeast Cameroon, Reports Canadian Press. Geovic Said Wednesday it Will Fund the Projects by Selling 8.75 Million Units at$4 Each, With Each Unit Consisting of one Common Share and Half of one Share-Purchase Warrant. the Company, With About 88 Million Shares Outstanding, has an Agreement With a Syndicate of Underwriters LED by Canaccord Adams Ltd. and Including Orion Securities Inc. the Offering is Expected to Close April 26. Geovic Aims to be the World's Largest Primary Producer of Cobalt by 2010 Through its 60 PER Cent Ownership of Geovic Cameroon plc(Geocam) . Geocam has the Exclusive Development and Production Rights to Seven Large Cobalt-Nickel Laterite Deposits in Cameroon. the Vancouver-Based Mining Company's Shares Were Down 18 Cents to$3.87 Wednesday Morning on the TSX Venture Exchange.
    On Apr 11, 2007 from Sedar
  • Cameroon Project Exploration Update
    Cameroon Project Exploration Update
    On Jan 29, 2007 from Sedar

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