Relief Canyon

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  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationUnited States

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Latest Information
  • Relief Canyon Acquisition Update
    Relief Canyon Acquisition Update
    On 2011-01-31
  • Relief Canyon Gold Mine Assets Purchased
    Canarc Resource Corp. Announced That it is the Successful Bidder to Acquire a Largely Built and Permitted,Open PIT,Heap Leach Gold Mine Through a Bankruptcy Court Auction Held in Reno,Nevada. Canarc has Agreed to Purchase the Relief Canyon Gold Mine Assets From Firstgold Corporation for US $11 Million,Subject to a DUE Diligence Period Expiring February4, 2011.
    On 2010-12-21
  • Portfolio Reserve Estimates Increased
    Portfolio Reserve Estimates Increased
    On 2009-05-20
  • Relief Canyon Mine First Gold Dore Poured
    Firstgold Poured the First Gold Dore From its Relief Canyon Gold Mine in Nevada,Usa. a Dore BAR Containing13 . 62Ounces of Gold and 42Ounces of Silver has Been Poured.
    On 2009-03-30
  • Relief Canyon Mine Crushing Commenced
    Relief Canyon Mine Crushing Commenced
    On 2008-11-14