Mauritania Projects

Key Facts
  • UpdatedMay 05, 2014
  • CreatedNov 08, 2006
  • Asset TypeProject
  • LocationMauritania
Latest Information
  • Mauritania JV Share Issue
    Alba Mineral Resources plc has Issued Shares.
    On Jan 18, 2013 from LSE
  • Mauritania Joint Venture Update
    Alba Mineral Resources plc Provided a Company Update.
    On Feb 06, 2012 from LSE
  • Mauritania 100% Acquisition
    Aura Energy Limited Announced That it Completed the Purchase of the Balance of Interest in the GCM Joint Venture in West Africa, as Previously Announced on 20 October 2010. Aura now Owns 100% of KEY Permits in Mauritania.
    On Nov 10, 2010 from ASX
  • Award of Exploration Permits in Mauritania Announced
    Alba Mineral Resources Announced That Initial Laboratory Results of the First Field Program in Mauritania Showed That Uranium Concentrations up to 783 PPM U(0.09% U3o8) Were Present. Subsequent Analysis of Weathered Rock in a Shallow(120 CM) PIT 2 KM to the Northeast of the Previous Maximum Uranium Concentration Returned Uranium Concentrations up to 2455 PPM(0.29% U3o8) . a Total of Nineteen Mineralized Grab and Channel Samples Were Collected From Pits up to 165 CM in Depth, Which Varied From 202 to 2455 PPM Uranium and HAD an Average Uranium Concentration of 720 PPM Uranium(OR 0.085% U3o8) .
    On Jul 07, 2008 from Unknown
  • Exploration Season Commenced by Mauritania
    Exploration Season Commenced by Mauritania
    On Feb 28, 2008 from Unknown

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