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Latest Information
  • News Release-English
    Deloro Resources Ltd. Provided a Company Update.
    On 2012-12-12
  • Wilkie Drilling Completed
    Wilkie Drilling Completed
    On 2011-10-27
  • Wilkie Drilling Commenced
    Wilkie Drilling Commenced
    On 2011-09-08
  • Mclaren OIL Formation Penetration Announced
    Deloro Resources Ltd. Announced it has Penetrated the Mclaren OIL Formation at its Wilkie,Saskatchewan,Canada,Project,Estimated to Contain 63Million Barrels of Heavy Oil.
    On 2010-11-04
  • Wilkie Well Permit Granted
    Deloro Resources Announced That a Permit to Drill a New Well on the Wilkie Heavy OIL Project has Been Granted by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources. the Company is Finalizing Plans to Carry out the Drilling and Testing of This Well. This is the First Step in Identifying up to12 Additional Well Locations Which Will Target Prospective Areas of the Mclaren Zone
    On 2010-05-11