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  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationPeru

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Latest Information
  • General Assembly Report II(Spanish )
    Volcan Compania Minera S.A.A. Provided a Company Update.
    On 2013-03-21
  • 2009 Annual Report (Spanish)
    as on Dec/09,in Ticlio Mine,Exploration Advances Were347M,548 M as Developments and8, 323 as Preparation and in Diamond Drilling34 80M. Mining Production Came Mainly From Exploitation of Veins Ramal Techo and Principal Applying the Long Hole Mining Method. “Borrachitos” New Zone was Promoted Undertaking Exploration Preparation and Production Workings. on SAN Cristobal,Production was Focused on Veins 722,658,Split 658,Body 658,as Well as Lidia Zone. Deepening of Mine in 1070Level,Goes on With Preparation of This Level Running New Access Towards Both 658 and 722 Veins,Taking Control of Underground Water Flow. Andaychagua Mine Undertook 4296M in Diamond Drill,to Confirm Continuity in Depth and the East Zone of Andaychagua Vein,as Well as Esther Zone at540Level. in Carahuacra Mine Production Increased From 400 to 500 Tons PER Day. Exploitation was Undertaken Mainly in Huaripampa Body and Mary,Yanina,and ML Veins. There Were Undertaken452M of Exploration and2,488M in Preparation. Zoraida Mine is Located at7KM South From Andaychagua. Mineralization is Argentiferous With LOW Grades but Important of PB and ZN. Volcan Decided to Complete a 40- Hole Drilling Campaign. Gavilan PIT was Reconsidered to Exploitation in April 2009, During This Year134,520Tons of Mineral Were Treated With PB at0.24 %,ZN at3.05 % and AG at4.67 Oz/Ton. This was Made Because of its LOW Cost.
    On 2009-12-31
  • 2008 Annual Report - Project (Spanish)
    as of Dec/08,in Cerro DE Pasco the Property Acquisition Process Continued in Relation to the Expansion of the East Wall of the Open Pit. However,at the END of the Year Extraction Activities in the Open PIT Decreased as a Result of the Sharp Fall in Metal Prices and the Temporary Suspension of the Super PIT Project.
    On 2008-12-31
  • 2008 Annual Production (Spanish)
    During 2008, in Alpamarca Mine,Open PIT Operations Were Restarted and the Underground Mine is Being Prepared. it has1.5’M. of Tonnes of Reserves With Grades of0.16 CU ,1.89 % PB ,2. 52% ZN and4.0Oz.Ag/T and Resources Going Deeper of2.4’ M. With Grades of0.16 % CU ,1. 90% PB ,4.5% ZN and5Oz.Ag/T. Production as of Dec/08 is350Tpd. the Extracted Mineral is Transported From Stockpiles Directly to the Animón Plant at Chungar(42KM.)With Trucks of 40MT Capacity. Considering That the Production Will Increase up to2,000Tpd.,the Capacity of Animón Plant Would not be Enough; Therefore,the Construction of a Plant in Alpamarca is Being Designed and Programmed to Operate in 2011. Alpamarca is Programmed to Increase its Production In The Long Term to720,000MT in the Following Years.
    On 2008-12-31