Key Facts
  • UpdatedSep 11, 2013
  • CreatedJun 30, 2008
  • Asset TypeProject
  • LocationIndonesia

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Latest Information
  • Berau Coal Project Settlement Complete
    Strike Resources Ltd. Sold Berau, Indonesia.
    On Apr 02, 2013 from ASX
  • Berau JV Negotitations Update Announced
    Berau JV Negotitations Update Announced
    On Nov 19, 2010 from ASX
  • Berau Licence Granted
    Strike Resources Announced That a Mining Production Operations Licence(Izin Usaha Pertambangan Operasi Produksi or IUP Production Operations) has Been Granted for Berau Coal Project. the Licence Allows the Mining and Sale of Coal From the Berau Project Concession.
    On Feb 15, 2010 from ASX
  • Berau Environmental Impact Approved
    Strike Resources Reported That the Berau Coal Project has Received Approval for its Environmental Impact Analysis(Analisis Mengenai Dampak Lingkungan or Amdal) From the Bupati(Governor) of Berau.
    On Jan 13, 2010 from ASX
  • Berau Project Resource Upgrade
    Strike Resource Announced That the Coal Resource at the Berau Coal Project in East Kalimantan, Indonesia has Increased to 27.7 Million Tonnes, an Increase of 6.9 Million Tonnes From the Previously-Reported Jorc Resource. This Jorc Resource Assessment Is Based Upon a Recently-Completed 9,866 Metre HQ Diamond Core Drilling Program, Comprised of 8697.55 M Open Hole and 1169.35 M Full Core Drill Holes.
    On Dec 11, 2009 from ASX