Key Facts
  • UpdatedApr 28, 2015
  • CreatedAug 10, 2009
  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationCanada
Latest Information
  • News Release - English
    Electra Gold Ltd. Provided Annual General Meeting Results.
    On Jul 30, 2013 from Sedar
  • News Release - English
    Electra Gold Ltd. Provided a Company Update.
    On Jan 24, 2012 from Sedar
  • Suquash Property Option Agreement
    Electra Gold Ltd. has Entered Into a Non-Binding Letter of Intent With Millenmin Ventures Inc., Whereby Millenmin CAN Earn up to 70% of Electra’S 100% Owned Undivided Interest in the Suquash Coal Property Situated on Vancouver Island, British Columbia of Canada.
    On Dec 13, 2011 from Sedar
  • Suquash Coal Project Purchase Completed
    Electra Gold Reported That the Final Acquisition of the Suquash Coal Deposit, Located in British Columbia, Canada, has Been Completed.
    On May 24, 2011 from LSE
  • Electra Gold Receives Favourable Coal Report
    Electra Gold Reported That a NI 43-101 Compliant Report has Been Received on its Suquash Coal Project in Canada. Coal has Been Worked From Locations Within and Adjacent to the Suquash Coal Property at Various Times in the Past 160 Years. Most of the Workings Have Been Underground, VIA the Shaft of Suquash Colliery, Whose Workings Extended out Beneath Queen Charlotte Strait as Well as Into Onshore Areas. From the Results of Float-Sink Testing, it is Concluded That it MAY be Feasible to Scalp OFF a Low- Ash, Lowsulphur, Moderate-Btu Clean Coal at a LOW Separating Density, and That Much of the Unwanted Sulphur From the RAW Coal Will Report to the Middlings Density Fractions. it is Thus Considered That RAW Coal From the No.2 Coal BED Could be Washed for a Modest Yield of Low-Ash and LOW Sulphur Coal for Thermalpower Markets.
    On Nov 02, 2009 from LSE

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