• Tin 18,920.07 USD/t
Key Facts
  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationBolivia

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Latest Information
  • Companya Magazine 21
    on Aug09/2012, Bolivian President, EVO Morales, Began the Process of Industrialization of Evaporate Resources With the Opening of the Semi-Industrial Plant of Potassium Chloride, Located on the “Salar DE Utyuni”.
    On Sep 30, 2012 from Unknown
  • Company Magazine 20
    the Company Issued its Magazine 20.
    On Jul 31, 2012 from Unknown
  • Company Magazine 19
    as of Jul/12, the Assembly of the Lithium Plant was Being Done so Accelerated With the Implementation of the Conveyor Belts, Which Will Serve for the Operation of the KCL(Potassium Chloride) Plant. the RAW Material was Previously Stockpiled in Order to Enter Production Stage.
    On Jul 15, 2012 from Unknown
  • LOW Prices Affect Huanuni Profits
    During 1H12, the Company Reached US$6 Million Profit, While US$11.9 Million was Obtained During the First Quarter 2011.
    On Jul 02, 2012 from Unknown
  • Hununi Miners Support Colquiri Nationalization
    Miners of Huanuni Support the Nationalization of Colquiri Mine, Currently Under Control of Private Sinchi Wayra Company.
    On Jun 15, 2012 from Unknown