Key Facts
  • UpdatedJul 21, 2016
  • CreatedJun 12, 2013
  • Asset TypeProject
  • LocationRussia
Latest Information
  • Reserves and Resources Update as at 1 January 2016
    Polymetal International plc Updated its Reserve and Resource Estimates.
    On Mar 24, 2016 from LSE
  • Upgraded Resources and Reserves
    Polymetal Announced New Reserve And/Or Resource Estimates for Dukat Operations, Russia.
    On Mar 17, 2014 from LSE
  • Reserves and Resources Update
    Polymetal Announced New Reserve And/Or Resource Estimates for Tsokol Kubaka, Russia.
    On Mar 13, 2013 from LSE
  • Reserves and Resources Update
    Reserves and Resources Update
    On Jan 01, 2013 from Upload
  • Dukat Flanks Resource Estimate Announced
    Polymetal Announced the First Resource Estimate for Perevalnoye Deposit Which is Located in the Magadan Region in the Far East of Russia Approximately 13 Kilometers North-East From Dukat Mine. Perevalnoye is Part of the Dukat Flanks Area Licensed in 2006. Indicated Resources Were Calculated at 1.10 MT at 375.3 G/T Silver, 0.34% Copper, 2.26% Lead, 2.28% Zinc for a Total of 19 MOZ AG EQ; the Inferred Category Stood at 0.08 MT Grading 205.9 Silver, 0.46% Copper, 3.65% Lead and 3.65% Zinc Containing 1 MOZ Silver.
    On Mar 25, 2009 from Unknown

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