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Adding mining publications to the InfoMine Publications Database

InfoMine's librarian regularly searches the Internet for additions to the publications database, but in case we have overlooked relevant publications, we encourage you to let us know.

There are two options for adding a publication:

  • InfoMine can link to a publication.
  • InfoMine can host or publish the publication on its servers for you and include the reference in the publications database.

Linking to a mining publication

If you know of a relevant article or a group of articles that are already available on the Internet, please and we will include the reference in our database.

Publications can include conference presentations, articles published in magazines or journals, theses, etc. We reserve the right to include only publications that we judge to be of interest to InfoMine's audience.

Hosting or publishing a mining publication on InfoMine

InfoMine can host an article/technical paper on its servers and include the reference in the publications database. Because of copyright restrictions, InfoMine can only publish papers where the copyright resides with the person who is requesting InfoMine's hosting service. Each paper hosted by InfoMine will be freely accessible to anybody with an Internet connection.

If you'd like InfoMine to host you publication(s), please with the details. InfoMine Inc. reserves the right to publish or refuse any submission.

The preferred format for hosted publications is Adobe PDF.

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